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Quick Care Program

The Quick Care Program is a new approach to integrating fall monitors into your fall reduction protocol. It gives your facility the ability to have a unit in every room for maximum patient care at a minimum cost to the facility.

By having a control unit and pad ready to go at all times, you are ensuring a consistent application of fall interventions and making it easier to comply with fall management protocol and processes. With the units and pads readily accessible, caregivers can work more efficiently since they do not have to spend extra time looking for equipment. The units are also more easily maintained; since they are mounted to the wall there is less chance for wear and tear. The biggest benefit of the Quick Care Program is reduced patient falls.

Hospitals have reported a significant reduction in patient fall rates as a result of the Quick Care Program.

To get started with the Quick Care Program, simply install a fall monitoring unit in every room and establish a procedure with staff to have a pad in place in the room after every room changeover. In-service training for all staff on the use of fall management tools and procedures is provided by one of our knowledgeable representatives.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Case Study


“In six months, the fall rate on one intervention unit decreased from 4.48 to
1.96. The other intervention unit saw a slight decrease in their fall rate during
the same time period (3.89 to 3.68); however, their injury rate decreased
significantly from 1.56 to 0. Additionally, mounting the Classic-Check CU above
the bed reduced costs related to loss and damage of units, improved staff
satisfaction, and decreased resources needed to catalog and track the devices.”

Read the full Barnes Jewish Hospital Case Study

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