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High-tech, Low-cost Fall Management Solutions

Deluxe Bed Sentry (91621)

UMP’s Deluxe Bed Sentry helps deter resident tampering with dual-button reset, volume and delay switches inside the battery compartment, and no on/off switch. Features include: hi/low volume settings, four distinct alarm tone options, alarm delay, automatic reset, silent local alarm, nurse call capability, nurse call removal detection, remote alarm silence. This alarm can be powered by an AC adapter or a single 9V battery.

Safety Sentry PS-3 (91230)

The Safety Sentry is an easy-to-use, economy cord & clip monitor that sounds when the magnetic seal is broken between the monitor and the magnet, indicating resident movement. This monitor has a hi/low volume switch and a low battery indicator.

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UMP has the widest selection of pressure pad options in the fall industry


(From left to right)

  • Standard pads are extra large in size to help limit false alarms and are compatible with all UMP monitors. They are available in 45- and 180-day and 1-year warranties.
  • Timed pads have a timer that begins after being plugged into the monitor with a display for number of remaining days in usage. Warranty availability is the same as standard pads.
  • Moisture-resistant pads are designed to eliminate need for air holes and are also compatible with all UMP monitors. Moisture-resistant pads are available in 45- and 90-day warranties.
  • Wheelchair pads have a coiled cord to help prevent tangling and pulling, are compatible with all UMP monitors, and are available in 90-day and 1-year warranties.
  • Floor mats cause the alarm to sound when weight is placed on the mat. Floor mats are compatible with all UMP Deluxe monitors.